Reach Toothbrush – now with a hole

I noticed this poster on my way to the newsagent. No message has been so bold, so powerful and so want me to purchase a toothbrush. Their product development team mustve been desperate, but whoever is behind this creative probably saved a few jobs. Wow.

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  • lauramay

    no... they probably didn't save jobs... in these days where people are losing jobs for no reason at all, whoever came up with this idea should have been sacked on the spot!! it's the stupidest thing i've seen in a long time, although it cracks me up every time i see the ad.

  • it cracks you up, it has served its purpose!

    I think it only makes sense in my head; I'm interpreting it as if they've purposely trivialised the whole thing.

  • Spectrelives

    Are there really people out there dumb enough to think a hole in a toothbrush will give them unfathomable control in hard-to-reach places? I've never had any trouble whatsoever weilding my toothbrush. Anyone who can't handle that simplest of tasks wouldn't be saved by a hole.