Plasmo – a 5min clay animation where an adorable alien sacrifices himself to save a planet and declares his undying love for his gf. Epic.

How can so much drama, selflessness, a beautiful soundtrack, poignancy and a silly bit of humour be packed into a 4 minutes and 37 seconds clay animation?

Plasmo ABC Children's show

Plasmo, a little alien, risks his life by flying his spacecraft into an oncoming comet to deflect it. In doing so, the core of a certain planet gets filled by a naturalistic/ forest-like utopia. In his last seconds, he sends a photo of himself and Pasty, as a gesture that she was probably the last thing on his mind before he hurls himself and his spaceship into the comet.

To think 4 year olds watch this straight after school and digest it within minutes. Nevertheless, ‘epic’ still isn’t adequate enough a word to describe the density of that episode.

N.B. My blog’s name is partially inspired by this series 🙂

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  • David

    Is your blog's name also inspired by scott pilgrim?

  • admin

    haha no.

    an old smashing pumpkins album, maybe.